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Dubai Golf History
Dubai Golf History

Since 1989 Dubai has played host to the Dubai Desert Classic. This tournament has become a mainstay within the PGA European tour since that time. The Dubai Desert classic was the first golfing tournament to be hosted within the Middle East. Many of the world’s biggest golfing stars play at this tournament. They are paid substantial fees for their appearances, making it one of golf’s most lucrative tournaments for golfers.

Dubai has long been considered a true paradise for golfers, with its rich style for beautifying the golf courses, making them very similar to the class and professionalism of the courses available within the United States and Europe. The facilities provided at the various golfing resorts in Dubai are considered to be very advanced, making it a great attraction for golfers from all over the world.

This growing heritage for providing some of the best golf courses has helped the tourism industry within Dubai. The golfing industry in Dubai is booming at such a rate that Tiger Woods has invested to build a luxurious golf course of his own within Dubai. The construction on the golf course and its amenities has already begun with a completion date set for late 2009.

With top names within the golfing industry flocking to Dubai, you can imagine the tremendous growth Dubai can expect within the upcoming years. The Government of Dubai has a specific golf tourism agenda that not only targets professionals but beginners as well. By targeting both the beginners and the professionals it meets the demands of the casual golf enthusiast and the professional. This balance is important for the growth of golfing and tourism within Dubai.

One of the most famous golf courses in Dubai is the Al Badia golf course. This golf course was created by Robert Trent Jones II and masterfully includes ponds, lakes and waterfalls within the course. It is truly a very beautiful golf course. This golf course attracts many people from all over the world to visit Dubai just to view it and then play the course. It is a par 72 course and is considered to be challenging even to the seasoned vet, but the casual player can also enjoy this challenging course as well.

The Majlis golf course was the first grass course in Dubai’s golfing history. In fact, it was the first grass golf course within the Middle East. Having this distinction in history has made this challenging course an instant classic. Another great attraction within this course is the Majlis building that is located between the 8th and 9th hole of the golf course. This building was built in 1955 and is one of the most historical buildings within Dubai. It was restored to its current format in 1994.

There are many other great courses available in Dubai, such as the Wadi Course, and the Al Awir course. Both courses have stunning designs with very challenging courses that targets both the professionals and casual players. The Wadi Course is considered to be on par with many of the professional courses that are used on the PGA tour.

The official Dubai Golf also known as (DG) is the government program setup to control and organize the promotion of Dubai golf to the world. Its goal is to continue to attract professional and casual golfers to the various courses and resorts that they manage. The three major courses that they manage are the Majlis, The Faldo courses, along with the Dubai Creek Golf club.

Overall Dubai’s Golf history is indeed rich, and its legend only stands to grow as they continue to build lavish and challenging golf courses that instantly attract true golf enthusiasts.

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